On-Going Services

Investor Relation Services. We understand the importance of on-going service to client retention and actively participate in managing client relationships. We believe managers should focus their efforts on alpha generation, so we focus on organizing the information flow with clients, including client correspondence, investor letters and regular performance reporting. With Boomerang, managers can add a team of experienced marketers without the cost of training and managing an in-house team.

Infrastructure Advice. For those seeking our help with capital raising from institutional investors, it is important that the appropriate infrastructure is in place, including portfolio management and support staff, disaster recovery systems, trading systems, risk management systems and external service providers. Boomerang personnel have extensive experience with all aspects of hedge fund management and can often provide advice of this kind.

Diligence Requests. Due diligence requests often mirror the data needed for the preparation of RFPs and consultant databases. As a result, we are quite familiar, well-equipped and able to assist with such requests. Just as RFPs are important to the institutional sales cycle, due diligence requests can be critical for retaining existing clients. We understand this and help our investment managers deliver to their clients exceptional reporting in a timely manner.